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John Plunkett’s Superfade Accelerator 15mL


Superfade Accelerator rapidly enhances the fading results of Superfade Cream or Superfade Face Cream. When used in conjunction with Superfade Cream, Superfade accelerator increases penetration by combining a blend of exfoliators including glycolic acid with cytovector technology. Superfade Accelerator helps produce faster results. Superfade Accelerator can also be used alone as a short term surface exfoliation treatment for pigmentation.

  • Formulated to rapidly enhance the results of Superfade Cream or Face Cream
  • Shortens treatment time
  • Exfoliates pigmented cells
  • AHAs ( Glycolic, Lactic, Ferulic acids ) works on the surface
  • BHA ( Salicylic acid) works deeeper and helps refine pores
  • Helps lighten surface discolouration
  • Lactokine and aloe vera soothe irritation.

15mL Cream

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Superfade Accelerator will help speed up the treatment time for Superfade Face or Superfade Cream.

* After cleansing, apply to affected area each night.
* Allow to dry before applying Superfade Cream or Superfade Face Cream.

Superfade Accelerator can be used alone to reduce the appearance of surface discolouration. Effect can be seen overnight.

* Apply all over the face, neck and decolletage after cleansing at night.
* Allow to absorb and then apply a moisturiser all over.

This product may make skin more sensitive to sunlight, so we recommend a sunscreen with SPF30+, such as Superfade UV Day Shield.

Due to the exfoliating nature of Superfade Accelerator, this product should only be applied at night.



Plunkett Pharmaceuticals is an Australian owned company dedicated to producing high quality problem-solving health and beauty products operating for over thirty five years.

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