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Manicare Face Cellulose Sponges 2 Pack


Cellulose is a natural product derived from plant fibres, mainly cotton. The Manicare Cellulose sponge is ideal for removing make-up & for deep cleansing of facial pores.

2 x Sponges

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  • To cleanse, dampen the sponge, apply cleanser or scrub then gently massage skin i n circular motion.
  • To remove make-up, soak sponge with make-up remover then gently rub over skin until completely removed.

Care Tips

Regularly wash sponges in antibacterial liquid soap & allow to dry manually.
Discard sponge if odour appears or if the sponge is heavily stained.



For over 40 years Manicare® has been the market leader in essential beauty tools & accessories. With an unparalleled range of face, body, feet, hand & nail tools, we're committed to providing you with a top quality, trusted daily beauty kit.

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