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Audisol-D Ear Wax Remover Spray 20mL

Audisol-D Ear Wax Remover Spray 20mL


The ear spray contains a solution made up of natural extracts and the cleansing agent docusate sodium. The spray has a mild dissolving effect on earwax, making it easier to remove excess dirt and grease particles.

  • Suitable for Hardened Ear Wax Plugs
    Provide relief from hardened earwax.
  • Dissolves Excess Ear Wax
    The spray application effectively dissolves earwax.
  • Prevents the Buildup of Ear Wax
    The solution prevents the Buildup of Ear Wax.
  • Easy Spray Application with Metered Dose
    Spay application helps deliver the right amount quickly.

20mL Metered Dose Spray (Ages 3+)

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What Causes Ear Wax?

Earwax is secreted by glands in the external auditory canal. Earwax is important as it protects the ear, however, if there is a build-up of excess earwax and this remains in place for too long and hardens, it can cause earache, hearing problems, itchiness or ringing in the ears.


When using the pack for the first time, it is advisable to tighten the cap slightly. Remove the cap before turning the rotatable nozzle. The liquid can then be released from the nozzle in a gentle atomised spray.

Hold the spray bottle in your hand for a while so that the liquid can be warmed slightly. Then shake well before use. Ensure that you have a tissue ready.

Position the nozzle close to the ear canal. Spray two to three times. Press the ear canal closed and massage the underside of the ear for five to ten seconds.

Hold your head to the side at an angle so that the liquid can run out of the ear along with the excess earwax. Collect this discharge in the tissue.Wipe the external ear clean.

Clean the spray head using a tissue after each use. Use warm water if necessary.


Water (Aqua purifi cata), Propylene glycol, Chamomile extract, Sodium chloride, Calendula extract, Docusate Sodium (Dioctyl sulfosuccinate), Disodium phosphate, Clove Tree extract, Sodium dihydrogen phosphate, Bronopol


AUDISOL-Dā„¢ Ear Wax Remover should not be used in patients with a perforated eardrum, inflamed ears, using grommets, who have had recent ear surgery or suffering from ear infections.

Do not spray into the eye.

Keep out of sight and reach of children.

Stop using the ear spray if ringing in the ears (tinnitus) or dizziness occurs or if pain is repeatedly experienced immediately after the ear spray is applied.

Skin reddening, itchiness, persistent weeping or earache immediately after spraying may be an indication of hypersensitivity.

If the spray should be accidentally sprayed in the mouth or eye, immediately rinse the affected area using plenty of water.

If symptoms persist, consult a healthcare professional.

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