Audisol earshower 15mL

Audisol earshower 15mL


Audisol® earshower® is a newly developed product based on the same techniques used by ear specialists. Audisol® earshower® contains a unique soap wash that simply flushes out excess ear wax.
Audisol® earshower® is indicated for home use for:
• Persons with hearing aids.
• Persons who want to keep their outer ear canal clean.
• Children from (3 years), applied by an adult.

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Directions for Use:
Fill: Squeeze the suction bulb to draw up lukewarm water (max 40⁰C). The water will mix with the soap contained in the lower part of your Audisol® earshower®.
Rinse: Tilt your head, place the nozzle of the earshower® at the entrance to the ear canal and squeeze. Let the soapy solution soften the ear wax then tilt your head back to drain your ear.
Dry: Use the empty earshower® to gently blow air into the ear canal until dry.
Gentle and effective soap: When mixed with lukewarm water, the ingredients contained in the Audisol® ear shower produce a gentle but, effective, blue-coloured soapy solution. Once the water stops turning blue, your Audisol® ear shower is empty and needs replacing. 3 applications per ear are recommended. Stubborn deposits inside the ear can only be removed after using Audisol® earshower® for several days.
Do not use without medical opinion in case of otitis, pain in the ear, a perforated ear drum and generally, by any person subject to dizziness or with medical antecedents relating to the ear or ear drum. If your ear canals are blocked, we recommend visiting an ENT specialist.
Important Information
Do not use Audisol® ear shower if:
• You are allergic or hypersensitive to any of the ingredients.
• You have a history of perforation of the ear drum, have had ear surgery or you have pain in your ears or your ears are inflamed or have an infection.
• There are any foreign bodies present in the ear canal.
• You are currently using other ear drops or you are currently being treated with a tympanic drain (Grommets) or Pressure Equalizing Tubes (PETs) in your ears.
• You have pre-damage (e.g. perforation) or deformation of the ear drum.
• You have pre-damaged ear canals.
• Do not use in children below the age of 3 years.
Store at room temperature, (10-250C). Do not use after the expiration date, which is stated on the box and sachets. Keep Audisol® earshower® out of the sight and reach of children.

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