Rossmax Fingertip Pulse Oximeter SB210


Rossmax Fingertip Pulse Oximeter SB210 is used to measure arterial oxygen saturation (% SpO2) of hemoglobin and pulse rate, an important indicator of your respiratory function. It is non-invasive device intended for spot-check of adult and pediatric whose age is over 3 at home, hospital and clinics.

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  1. Open the clip; press the Power On/Off button. Bluetooth turns on automatically after power on.
  2. Information of software version appears. Insert one finger(left hand middle finger is recommended), nail side up, into the finger opening of the pulse oximeter.
    Note: If no finger insert, the device will auto shut off after 30 seconds.
  3. The display shows, pulse oximeter begins its measurement.
    Note: Make sure the finger is lying flat. Do not shake and keep body steady during measurement.
  4. Your SpO2 and pulse rate values will appear on the screen after few seconds and artery check result will appear on screen after 30 – 60 seconds.
    Note: If artery check result cannot be detected, “” will appear on the screen.
  5. Remove the finger, the screen will show artery check level.
  6. Press button shortly to switch the display to the 3 parameters (artery check, SpO2 and pulse rate).


  1. The SpO2 sensor and photoelectric receiving tube should be arranged in a way with the subject’s arteriole in a position there between.
  2. Make sure the optical path is free from any optical obstacles like rubberized fabric.
  3. Excessive ambient light may affect the measuring result. It includes fluorescent lamp, dual ruby light, infrared heater, direct sunlight and etc.
  4. Strenuous action of the subject or extreme electrosurgical interference may also affect the accuracy.
  5. The device will reflect the visual and audio signal when the measurement of SpO2 is lower than the default value of 90%.


This device is to be operated by trained personnel only.
The device has intended only for spot-checking, but not medical result evaluation.
This device is designed to determine the percentage of arterial oxygen saturation of functional hemoglobin. Factors that may degrade pulse oximeter performance or affect the accuracy of tthe measurement include the following:

  • Do not apply the pulse oximeter on the same arm as a blood pressure cuff, arterial catheter or infusion line(s)
  • Excessive light, such as sunlight or direct home lighting.
  • Not steady at the site of application (e.g. trembling)
  • Moisture in the device
  • Improperly applied device
  • Finger is too large or too small to fit into the device.
  • Poor pulse quality
  • Venous pulsations
  • Anemia or low hemoglobin concentrations.
  • Cardiogreen and other intravascular dyes
  • Carboxyhemoglobin
  • Methemoglobin
  • Dysfunctional hemoglobin
  • Artificial nails or fingernail polish
  • On fingers with anatomical changes, oedemas, scars or burns

Using the device for long periods may cause pain for people with circulatory disorders. Reposition the device at least once every 4 hours to allow the patient’s skin to breath and to check patient’s condition regularly.
Do not use the device near flammable or explosive gas mixtures.
Do not use the device during an MRI or CT scan.
The device may not work when circulation is reduced. Warm or rub the finger, or re-position the device.
This device is a precision electronic instrument and must be repaired by qualified technical professionals. Field repair of the device is not possible. Do no attempt to open the case or repair the electronics. Opening the case may damage the device and void the warranty.
Do not overextend the device’s spring.
A functional tester cannot be used to access the accuracy of a pulse oximeter monitor.
Do not self-diagnose or self-medicate on the basis of the measurements without consulting your doctor. In particular, do not start taking any new medication or change the type and/or dosage of any existing medication without prior approval.
Do not look directly inside the housing during the measurement. The red light and the invisible infra-red light in the pulse oximeter are harmful to your eyes.
This device is not intended for use by people (including children) with restricted physical, sensory or mental skills or a lack of experience and/or a lack of knowledge, unless they are supervised by a person who has responsibility for their safety or they receive instructions from this person on how to use the device. Children should be supervised around the device to ensure they do not play with it.
Neither of the displays for the pulse wave and pulse bar allows the strength of the pulse or circulation to be evaluated at the measurement site. Rather, they are exclusively used to display the current signal variation at the measurement site and do not enable reliable diagnostics for the pulse.
The maximum temperature of sensors which the user will touch might reach 43°C when operating in the 40°C environment.


  1. Please clean the surface of the device before using. Wipe the device with medical alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol) first, and then let it dry in air or clean it by dry clean fabric. When cleaning the device with water, the water temperature should be lower than 60°C.
  2. Using the medical alcohol to disinfect the product after use, prevent from cross infection for next time use.
  3. The best storage environment of the device is -25°C to 70°C ambient temperature and not higher than 90% relative humidity.


  1. Do not sterilize, autoclave or immerse this device in liquid. Do not pour or spray any liquids onto the device.
  2. Do not use caustic or abrasive cleaning agents, or any cleaning agent containing ammonium chloride or isopropyl alcohol.



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