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Sedagel 15g Gel


Sedagel is a soothing and pleasantly flavoured gel that can be applied to infant gums while teething to relieve pain. It also relieves pain of new dentures, mouth ulcers and abrasions of the gums, palate and tongue. Sedagel contains an antiseptic agent and is suitable to use for infants (aged 4 months and over).

15g Gel


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Apply an adequate amount of the gel to the tender areas of the mouth.
Massage in well and repeat the application every three hours.
In the case of ulcers, wipe the surface free of mucus in order to allow the gel to adhere more firmly to the surface of the ulcer.

Active Ingredients

Choline salicylate 8.7% w/w
Menthol 0.057% w/w
Cetalkonium chloride 0.01% w/w

Contains Hydroxybenzoates 0.15% w/w and Ethanol 39% w/w.


For infant teething troubles, Sedagel should not be applied more often than every three hours.
Products containing aspirin should not be given at the same time.
Not suitable for babies under four months of age.
Avoid excessive or prolonged treatment.
If the condition persists, seek medical advice.
Use only if seal under cap is unbroken.

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