Progurt is the world’s most advanced probiotic. Our mission is to provide the highest quality, most powerful probiotic and health supplements with absolutely no compromise on innovation, ingredients, quality and functionality. We strive to bring a positive impact to the quality of individuals’ lives through well-informed food choices and the consumption of probiotics to improve digestion and restore balance. We believe that people who feel healthy, relaxed and peaceful change the world for the better. We believe health is simple not complex. Progurt formulates Probiotic Sachets, the most advanced probiotic in the world, along with Chloride, Prebiotic, PH Caps and the Incubator. Progurt leads the journey to gut health with its amazing range of innovative supplements. A holistic approach to restore harmony to the gut and associated organs. We believe everybody has the divine potential to elevate far beyond what they may imagine capable. We believe by changing your health internally you are capable of changing your entire external universe. No matter what, we wish to give more life to all and less to none.

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