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The Breath-A-Tech® Anti-static Spacer is a hand-held, portable valved holding chamber (VHC), that is placed between a metered dose inhaler (MDI, or “ puffer”) and the patient’s mouth, to function as a reservoir from which an aerosol medication is dispensed in order to minimise delivery of large aerosolised particles. Intended for adults and children. The device is single patient use only. Can be used in most environments, including patient’s homes, hospitals, emergency services and clinics.

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  1. Remove the cap from your inhaler and shake well.
  2. Push the inhaler into the base of the BreathA-Tech® Antistatic Spacer.
  3. Put the mouthpiece between the lips and make an airtight seal, depress your inhaler, you will see a fine spray inside the Breath-A-Tech® Anti-static Spacer. Take a slow, deep breath through the mouth and hold for 5-10 seconds or continue to breathe in and out through the Breath-A-Tech® Anti-static Spacer for 4-6 breaths.
  4. Wait at least one minute before repeating step 3.
    Only use one dose from the inhaler at a time.
  5. If a face mask is needed, attach to the Breath-ATech® Anti-static Spacer. Firmly attach mask to the mouthpiece of the spacer and place mask over mouth and nose.
    Ensure the connection is secure at all times. Check for effective seal.

Cleaning Instructions

The BreathA-Tech® Antistatic Spacer can be used straight out of the package, then should be cleaned at least once a month but can be washed more often if needed.

  1. Remove the base by placing your thumb in the hole then pull and twist at the same time. There is no need to dismantle the mouthpiece.
  2. Wash all parts in warm water with a mild liquid detergent.
  3. Rinse all parts in clean water.
  4. Shake off excess water and allow to dry in a vertical position.
  5. Firmly replace base once the BreathA-Tech® Anti-static Spacer is dry.


The Breath-A-Tech® Anti-static Spacer can be cleaned in a dishwasher up to 70°C. (up to 12 cycles). If dishwashing, follow step 1 and place the parts on top shelf of the dishwasher.
Please place the spacer vertically in the dishwasher and ensure the outer side of the endcap faces upwards to prevent water pooling in device parts.
If it is not clear to you on how to clean your Breath-A-Tech® Anti-static Spacer please ask your healthcare professional for help. REPLACE WITHIN 12 MONTHS.

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Breath-A-Tech is a leading range of respiratory products designed to improve the delivery of aerosol medication from puffers in the management of Asthma and COPD, helping you to breathe better. The Breath-A-Tech Spacer is a compact and durable spacer, suitable for use with all standard puffers and is ideal for both children and adults of all ages. Breath-A-Tech has been trusted by Australian pharmacies, hospitals and medical centres for well over 20 years.


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