Pro+Care Bandage Strips Fabric Knuckle & Fingertip 20 Pack

Pro+Care Bandage Strips Fabric Knuckle & Fingertip 20 Pack


Product Features:

  • Greater flexibility
    conforms and stretches for maximum comfort
  • Absorbent, Non-stick pad
    won’t stick to wound for gentle removal
  • Long lasting unique adhesive
    that helps bandage stay on

20 x Bandages

Only 12 left in stock



  • Single use
  • Clean wound and surrounding area
  • Dry wound and surrounding area thoroughly
  • Remove plaster from wrapper
  • Position pad over wound and press down the edges firmly
  • Change the dressing when pad becomes wet or as required, at least daily


Discontinue use if sskin irritation occurs.
For medical emergencies seek professional help.
Store in a cool, dry place.



The first choice for active lifestyle. Getting you better faster.

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