Surgipack Ear Putty 1 Pair

Surgipack Ear Putty 1 Pair


Product Features:

  • Helps seal out noise and weater
  • Flattens into shape of outer ear.
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Reusable, great for travel

1 x Pair Ear Plugs

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  1. Make sure ears are clean and dry.
  2. Roll one whole plug into a ball. Do not cut or elongate the plug. Do not draw out or extend the plug into a cylinder.
  3. Seal the outer ear by pulling up at the top of the ear and with the free hand, flatten the ball to make a seal and fill the external ear. Do not insert into the ear canal.
  4. To remove, press up at the back of the ear. Carefully lift edges of the plug and remove. Discard when no longer tacky or when soiled.


Use by children must be closely supervised by an adult. Should not be used by divers.

Store in a dry cool place.



The SurgiPack® brand is one of Australia and New Zealand’s most trusted pharmacy healthcare brands, recognised and trusted by consumers for quality, integrity and value.

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