TENA Men Absorbent Protecter Level 1 12 Pack


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An incontinence pad for Men. TENA Men Guards are engineered to a masculine shape, tucking securely inside the front of regular firm-fitting underwear.

Featuring a Boosted Secure Absorption Zone that locks away fluid and prevents odours from developing.

TENA Men Guard Level 1 is just 5mm thin and incredibly discreet.

Each TENA Men Guard is individually wrapped.

Recommended For:

  • The small drips and dribbles associated with stress incontinence from a laugh, sneeze, or cough
  • The gym and sports like golf or tennis where exertion can trigger a small leak
  • Everyday discreet protection – Protection while recovering from prostate surgery or radiotherapy

12 Guards

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Trusted by millions, for over 60 years we’ve been creating discreet feminine pads, underwear and pants, masculine shields and other effective solutions for this surprisingly common problem. By doing so, people of all ages the world over, can continue to enjoy the active, fulfilling life they deserve.
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