Bioglan Active Magnesium PM Night Formula 60 Film Coated Tablets


Muscle cramps keeping you up at night? This one-a-night dose is formulated to help you get a good night’s sleep. BIOGLAN Active Magnesium PM combines 3 bioavailable forms of magnesium to relieve cramps, mild spasms and twitches when dietary intake is inadequate while California poppy and hops are used in traditional Western herbal medicine to support a more restful and deeper sleep.

Product Benefits:

  • Reduces Muscle Cramps & Mild Spasms when dietary intake is inadequate
  • Reduces the time to Fall Asleep
  • Improves Sleep Quality
  • Supports Muscle Health and Function

60 Film Coated Tablets

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1 tablet in the evening before bed, or as advised by your health professional.


Each Film Coated Tablet Contains:
Magnesium (as Heavy magnesium oxide 165.84mg) 100mg,
Magnesium (as Magnesium phosphate pentahydrate 484.05mg) 100mg,
Magnesium (as Magnesium glycinate 208.33mg) 25mg,
Total elemental Magnesium 225mg,
Humulus lupulus (Hops) flower ext. dry conc. 50mg
…equiv. to flower dry 500mg,
Eschscholzia californica (California Poppy) herb flowering ext. dry conc. 166.67mg
…equiv to. herb flowering dry 1000mg.

Contains phenylalanine, soya bean products and sulfites.


Always read the label. Use only as directed.
If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.
Vitamins and/or mineral supplements should not replace a balance diet.



Bioglan is committed to enhancing the wellness of all. We promise to provide the most advanced and effective range of dietary supplements & natural foods in the global market. To offer a product for every customer need – to ensure each product is developed to a unique formulation, with higher concentrations of active, pure ingredients to deliver enhanced health benefit. We are committed to the continued development of dietary supplements & natural foods which embrace the latest clinical research and utilise premium, innovative, pure ingredients. We are committed to providing you with premium products.

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