Elastoplast Everyday Wrap Around Wrist Support


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Elastoplast Wrap Around Wrist Support stabilises and supports weak and injured wrists. Limits wrist motion and protects muscles, tendons and ligaments from re-injury or injury.

The neoprene wrist support is soft and breathable and is adjustable to fit. This ensures long-term comfort and support for tender wrists. The slimline design can be worn under clothing on the left or right wrist.

Ideal for relief from symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and other related ailments.

Fit Sizes: 14cm – 24cm

1 x Support (Adjustable)


Elastoplast Everyday Wrap Around Wrist Support


  1. Turn the palm of the hand face-up. Place the cushioned pad on the wrist with the fastener facing up. Wrap thew bottom strap firmly around the wrist and attach the fastener.
  2. Wrap the second strap in the same direction. Attach the fastener to the support, adjusting the strap to the desired comfort.
  3. Adjust tension to desired comfort and support

Note: Seek medical advice if in any doubt about your injury.


Always read the label.
Use only as directed.
If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.

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Since 1977, Beiersdorf has been one of the pioneers in sports medicine in Australia, focused on developing sports medicine products, injury prevention and management practices under the Elastoplast and Leuko brands. Elastoplast supports active lifestyles, and encourages resilience, by being there to help you bounce back from injury. Their mission is to keep you going, no matter what.


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