Leukoplast Leukosan Strip Wound Closure


Leukosan Strip wound closure are topical, adhesive strips for small wounds and cuts. Offering atraumatic, non-invasive wound closure without any of the damage of stitches, these strips are well tolerated by skin. They’re flexible and durable, adapting to the wound as it heals.

Product Benefits:

  • Atraumatic wound closure
    These wound closure strips are applied to the surface of the skin, meaning they’re non-invasive. They offer atraumatic wound closure, avoiding the damage caused by stitches, and require no local anesthetic.
  • Fast and simple wound closure
    Adhesive wound closure strips that are fast and easy to apply, saving you time and reducing the risk of infection.
  • Flexible and adaptable
    Leukosan Strip is flexible and elastic. Its intelligent structure and interwoven polyamide threads mean it adapts to the different healing stages of the wound, expanding and contracting to allow for swelling, temporary edema and movement.
  • Rounded edges
    Designed with rounded, adhesive edges, dressings do not roll up and allow the strips to adapt to the wound as it heals.
  • Good cosmetic results
    Good cosmetic results due to non-invasive procedure, reduced tissue trauma and good healing results.

Pack Contents:

  • 6 x Strips (6 x 38mm)
  • 3 x Strips (6 x 75mm)

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  1. Remove strips individually from the foil.
    The strips can be peeled off separately from the carrier foil. Make sure not to touch the surface facing the wound.
  2. Fix vertically to the direction of the wound.
    Attach the strips at a 90° angle to the wound opening. Apply some tension to pull the wound margins together.
  3. Maintain equal gaps between the individual strips.
    Place several strips next to each other and at regular intervals.



From the beginning in 1901, Leukoplast has been committed to meeting the needs of healthcare professionals and supplying high quality products. Now the entire world can benefit from this heritage, because with Leukoplast wound care products all our knowledge is available to everybody. Discover how it all got started!

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