Lice Breaker Comb


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This comb helps removes head lice, nits, and unhatched eggs. Unique micro grooved teeth gently pull lice, nits, and eggs away from the scalp.

1 x Lice Comb


Lice Breaker Comb


Remove any tangles first with a regular comb.
Apply treatment to dry hair. Leave on for the required time – read the instructions on the package.
Part the hair into sections with a regular comb.
Comb through each section with Lice Breaker Comb from root to tip.
Wash hair with a mild shampoo repeat steps 1 – 4 in seven days.

Note: To help control reinfestation, use your Lice Breaker Comb in between chemical treatments. Combing dry hair is ineffective so use with normal hair conditioner.


Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.
Read the warnings on pack before purchase. For external use only.

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