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Manicare dermaSCULPT Gua Sha Stone


Designed to lift, sculpt and detoxify, whilst using massage to reduce puffiness and relieve muscle tension particularly around the jawline and neck area.

Short Edge: Lifts and sculpts the brow and eye area.
Teeth Edge: Massage promotes circulation. Helps to plump out fine lines & smooth skin texture.
Pointed Tip: Target acupressure points known to relieve facial tension.
Long Edge: Ideal for long strokes on the side of the neck to de-puff & detoxify.
U-Edge: The U-shape grip contours and sculpts the jawline and brow area.

1 x Massage Stone

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  1. Thoroughly cleanse your skin.
  2. Apply your favourite facial oil, serum or mist generously on your face and neck to hydrate and to allow the tool to glide without dragging your skin.
  3. Follow the massage diagram. Use upward and outward movement to firm, lift and detoxify; and repeat in one direction (not back and forth) for 8-12 strokes in each area.

Expert Tips

Only requires light to medium pressure.
Keep the stone relatively flat to sweep along your face or neck (instead of using the actual edge).
Adopt slow and mindful movements when massaging.
Suitable for all skin types. Do not use on any skin that is inflamed.
Recommended to use 3 times per week.

Care Tips

Best to wipe with a damp cloth or wash with soapy water and leave to dry.

Store in the packaging provided.


Crafted with 100% natural stone, each stone will have slightly different characteristics.
Handle with care.



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