Manicare Face Foundation Sponges 2 Pack – Round


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The high quality foundation sponge ensures the perfect application of liquid, cream, powder & stick foundations – both oil & water based. The strong, durable nitrile latex will not swell or shred.

2 x Sponges



  • Dot a small amount of foundation onto chin, cheeks, nose & forehead. For powder, lightly dust sponge with powder.
  • Using sponge, blend foundation outwards toward the hairline & below the jaw line.

Expert Tips

For a sheer, lighter coverage of liquid, cream or stick foundation, lightly dampen sponge before use. Do not use this technique when using oil based foundation.
Always apply foundation to a clean, moisturised face. Moisturiser will prevent streaking & keep foundation from creasing if your skin is dry.

Care Tips

Regularly wash in antibacterial liquid soap & allow to dry naturally.
Discard sponge if odour appears or if the sponge is heavily stained.
If used daily, it is recommended that foundation sponges are replaced every 2 weeks.

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