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Manicare Face Precision Blending Sponge


This non-allergenic and antibacterial sponge can be used to apply foundation, concealer, liquid blush and bronzer formulas. Featuring a 3D shape ensuring a mess free and streak free application.

1 x Sponge

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  • With the pointed end, apply concealer or foundation to areas requiring camouflage (dark circles and blemishes) and hard-to reach areas.
  • With the rounded edge, blend foundation outwards towards the hairline and below the jaw line.
  • For powder, lightly dust sponge with powder.

Expert Tips

Always apply foundation to a clean, moisturised face to prevent streaking and to keep the foundation from creasing if your skin is dry.

Care Tips

Regularly wash sponges in antibacterial soap and allow to dry naturally.



For over 40 years Manicare® has been the market leader in essential beauty tools & accessories. With an unparalleled range of face, body, feet, hand & nail tools, we're committed to providing you with a top quality, trusted daily beauty kit.

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