Neat Feat Gel Bunion Pad


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Neat Feat Gel Bunion Pads help protect a painful bunion from rubbing and pressure. They are made from super soft gel. Gel does not absorb odor. Can be hand washed with bar soap every day.

Neat Feat Bunion Pad is a gel pad that fits over the bunion. The extra padding provides additional cushioning against the bunion and shoe. The loop that hooks over the big toe ensures that the pad stays in place. Use the bunion pad by day and the Neat Feat Night time Bunion Controller by night. Avoid wearing high-heeled and poorly fitting shoes.

  • Protects painful bunion from rubbing
  • Made from super soft gel

1 x Pair Pads



Remove from packaging and position Bunion Pad over effected area.

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Neat Feat Products provides High Performance Foot and Body Care Toiletries for an active, healthy lifestyle. Developed by practising family physicians in Auckland, New Zealand, the Neat Feat range of sports toiletries has become a well established and well recognised brand in Australasia during the last decade.


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