Neat Feat Gel Toe Rings


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The Neat Feat Toe Ring is a plaster that slips over the toe. The mineral oil enthused in the gel helps to speed up the healing process by reducing friction around a blister or corn.

Neat Feat Gel toe rings fit securely over toes and are lined with a layer of polymer gel that provides superior protection for sensitive toes. They are perfect to protect toes against pressure and rubbing especially in the case of clawed toes or hammer toes. They also provide superior cushioning for painful corns and blisters.

  • Corn protectors that instantly cushion & protect corns
  • Absorb pressure & friction on toe blisters
  • Fabric breathes & stretches for comfort

1 x Pair Toe Rings



Remove from packaging and place Gel-lined Rings over effected toes.

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Neat Feat

Neat Feat Products provides High Performance Foot and Body Care Toiletries for an active, healthy lifestyle. Developed by practising family physicians in Auckland, New Zealand, the Neat Feat range of sports toiletries has become a well established and well recognised brand in Australasia during the last decade.


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