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OvuPlan Dip & Read 10 Day Pregnancy Planning Kit


OvuPlan supports women trying to conceive by helping to identify the days they are most likely to become pregnant. OvuPlan Pregnancy Planning Kit urine test is designed to detect the LH surge to predict the 2 most fertile days. OvuPlan Scope is a mini-microscope which helps predict the time a woman is most likely to become pregnant through observation of changes in saliva.

Product Features:

  • Increased your chances of becoming pregnant
  • Predicts your 2 most fertile days
  • Easy to use

Kit Contents:

  • 10 x OvuPlan  Ovulation Tests (including foam rings and urine containers)
  • 1 x Pregnosis In-Stream Early Detection Pregnancy Test
  • 1 x Instruction Leaflet

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Please refer to the included instruction leaflet for directions.


Do not freeze. Do not re-use.
Keep out of reach of children.
For in-vitro diagnostic use only.
Not for internal use. Not for contraception use.
Each test is individually foil sealed for your protection. The carton is security sealed.
Do not purchase/use if security seal is broken/torn.



Pregnosis is a range of early detection pregnancy tests. The Pregnosis range includes In-Stream, Dip & Read and Digital tests. All tests are simple & easy to use and provide clear results in 3 minutes.

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