Surgical Basics Tubular Gauze Finger Protection 4 Pack


Product Features:

  • Strong, stetchy gauze
  • Fits most fingers
  • Ideal for light sprains and cuts
  • Soft, low pressure protection
  • Non sterile, single use

Pack Contents:

  • 4 x Gauze Rolls
  • 4 x Rubber Cots

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  • Ensure wound is clean and covered for protection and stability
  • Roll one side of gauze over finger or toe
  • If this section is too long, remove, trim and refit
  • Twist the gauze 360 degrees and then roll the other side over the finger creating a comfrtable double layer
  • For moisture protection, apply the rubber finger cot over the top of the gauze
  • Secure by lightly taping around the outside
  • If redness pain or swelling persists, consult your doctor

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