Surgipack Maximum Comfort Arm Sling – Regular


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The Surgipack Maximum Comfort Arm Sling provides support for a broken or injured arm.

1 x Arm Sling – Regular



Place injured arm in sling (positioning elbow against closed end), ensuring fingers are exposed.
Using the free hand, take the strap and wrap it around the shoulder of the injured arm and over the neck (on the opposite side) then loop through the metal ring.
Once the most comfortable position has been determined (with the elbow positioned closely against the side of the body), tighten the strap and attach the two Velcro ends.

Cleaning Instructions

Hand wash in cold water using mild soap or detergent.
Rinse well and allow to air dry out of direct sunlight.

Do not bleach or tumble dry.

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The SurgiPack® brand is one of Australia and New Zealand’s most trusted pharmacy healthcare brands, recognised and trusted by consumers for quality, integrity and value.


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