Swisspers Cotton Balls 160 Pack


Swisspers Cotton Wool Balls are soft and absorbent. Made from 100 per cent premium cotton they are perfect for applying facial toner, removing nail polish, applying makeup and general cleansing.

160 Cotton Balls

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Expert Tips

In addition to applying toner and nail polish remover, cotton wool balls are great for gently applying blush and contouring powder. Lightly spray with your favourite fragrance and tuck into a handbag for a gentle aroma all day.


Keep away from children, and supervise any use near children.
Always dispose of in the rubbish bin, never dispose of in the toilet.



For over a decade, Swisspers has been known for its expertise in pure, gentle cleansing. With a heritage in market-leading pure cotton products, Swisspers is known for gentle and effective facial cleansing. Always innovating, Swisspers creates products that help you care for your body and skin.

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