Genesis Biotech was founded in the year 2013 by two young minds who were inspired to bring novel products and solutions after listening to you all. At Genesis, we believe that it is the “Life” that inspires and motivates us. Our Smart devices and Solutions help improve our everyday life. LifeSmart products are technically advanced and extremely user friendly. Our aim is to bring Smart healthcare solutions and devices to the comfort of your home.

Our technically advanced range of Bluetooth products assist you to achieve your desired health - Blood Pressure monitor, Body scale, Activity and Sleep Tracker and Blood Glucose meter etc. Make your life hassle free by uploading to cloud and to our interactive user-friendly dashboard. This platform allows you to view, analyse, share and/or print detailed individual reports. You can see your monthly or yearly activity at a glance and with a touch of one button you can also share reports with your health professionals.

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    LifeSmart 2TwoPlus β-Ketone Test Strips 10pk

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  • LifeSmart 2TwoPlus Blood Glucose Test Strips 100pk

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    LifeSmart 2TwoPlus Blood Glucose Plus β-Ketone Monitoring System Kit

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  • LifeSmart FineTouch Universal 30 Gauge Sterile Lancets 100pk

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    LifeStyles Strawberry Massage Gel 200g

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    LifeSmart Aerobic 2 Smart Activity & Sleep Tracker

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