CUTIFILM PLUS Waterproof Dressings White 5 Pack (10cm x 8cm)


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Cutifilm Plus is a waterproof, clear, adhesive film with an absorbent pad. Breathable and bacteriaproof. Can be left on clean and non-infected wounds.

5 x Dressings (10cm x 8cm)


CUTIFILM PLUS Waterproof Dressings White 5 Pack (10cm x 8cm)


  • Wash hands before and after treating wound. Gently clean and dry wound and surrounding skin.
  • Remove the printed backing paper. Add CUTIFILM PLUS to wound. Peel away the remaining printed backing paper and smooth CUTIFILM PLUS onto the surrounding skin.
  • Gently lift pointed end of white tab of the protective cover and peel to remove.

To remove CUTIFILM PLUS, lift one corner and slowly stretch clear film outwards from the pad. The film will then lift easily. For weeping wounds change dressing  daily or more often if wound fluid seeps through pad.


For single use only. STERILE unless individual pouches opened or damaged.
Seek medical advice immediately for all serious wounds and burns or if redness or discomfort occurs.
As with all adhesive products, apply and remove acrefully from sensitive or fragile skin.

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