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KP24’s Dual Action Lice Comb design elimiates the hard work involved in removing head lice and theire eggs. KP24’s Dual Action Lice Comb detangles knots before the fine metal tooth comb glides through the hair, without snagging and pulling. The rounded edges on the metal comb teeth make them effective yet gentle on the scalp.

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  1. First apply a KP24 head lice treatment as directed to kill head lice and eggs, followed by KP24 Lice Egg Remover or KP24 RAPID Combing Solution as directed.
  2. For thick and curly hair, wet hair prior to use. For other hair typles use on wet or dry hair.
  3. Use thick tooth blue comb to remove all knots and snarls.
  4. Separate once-inch sections of hair. Hold the comb in your right hand at a 45 degree anglem using the grip hold or easier use. Place metal tooth comb teeeth as close to the scalp as possible, then lightly comb, passing through the same strands several times. Repeat this procedure until the entire head is complete.
  5. Check hair shafts carefully for any remaining eggs.
  6. Repeat Step 4 for any section which is not completely nit free.
  7. Clean comb.


Do not force KP24’s metal comb through hair. Use caution to avoid scratching scalp.

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KP24 head lice treatment on the Australian market, helping schools, families and medical practioners end infestations.


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