MUSASHI Carnitine 60 Capsules


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MUSASHI Carnitine is an amino acid that plays a role in fat metabolism. Carnitine is an antioxidant and helps reduce free radicals formed in the body. It also helps to support energy production and assists post exercise recovery.

Product Benefits:

  • 341mg Carnitine per serve
  • Supports fat metabolism
  • Supports energy production

60 Capsules


Carnitine is an antioxidant and helps reduce free radicals formed in the body. It also helps to support energy production and assists post exercise recovery.

Each Capsule Provides

Levocarnitine Tartrate 500mg, Equiv. Levocarnitine 341mg, Encapsulating Aids

Contains: Animal Products, Sulfites


ADULTS: Take 2 capsules three times daily or 3 capsules twice daily or as directed by your healthcare professional.

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The MUSASHI business remains renowned for offering a full spectrum of sport nutrition solutions sourced from the highest quality ingredients. Driven by an obsession to innovate with scientifically supported and proven products, MUSASHI prides itself on assisting the performance needs of athletes from the elite to the everyday level - helping you to defy your limits!


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