Pro+Care Abdomen Abdominal Support (S/M)


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The elastic abdominal support is designed to support a sagging abdomen. Its use may also be recommended post-operatively by a doctor.

Product Features:

  • Anatomically correct wraparound shape has adjustable fasteners for a customised fit.
  • Discreet under clothing
  • Plush lining for comfort
  • Dual-tension materials provide moderate support
  • Soft, pliable front panel adjusts to body contour for comfort

1 x Abdominal Support



Size Details

  • Small/Medium: 81-106cm


  1. Open the support binder and lay it on a bed or soft surface with plush lining facing up and label at top of the opposite end.
    Lie down on the binder and support it under your back.
    Stretch the wide pad over your abdomen or over the surgical dressing.
  2. Completely exhale and pull the right side of the binder over the pad and attach fastener.
    Adjust as desired for a firm, comfortable fit.

Material Compositions

Polyester 35%
Nylon 40%
Spandex 25%

Care Instructions

Close fastener prior to washing.

Handwash in colld water with mild detergent.
Rinse thoroughly and air dry.

Do not use bleach or fabric softener.


People with allergies: In case of an allergic reaction, skin irritation, discontinue using the support and consult your physician.

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